The healing power of DANCE!

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Dance is a tool for expression and, as a dance practitioner, I comprehend how movement can bring about emotional, physical and social freedom and development.

Through my work with children, I have seen first hand how dance has helped to raise self-esteem and confidence, the children’s abilities to work as a team and offered a focus to their capabilities and strengths. In sessions, we create a bond and a sense of togetherness, which can often lead to peer-reflection and encouragement. My experience of working with vulnerable children and adults, especially within SEN settings, has heightened my curiosity and awareness of how dance can be used as a tool for expression, addressing trauma and a variety of emotions and limitations in the body. The body can often say what the words may not yet be able to express.

As notably seen throughout 2020 and today, the Black Lives Matter movement has led individuals to seek and be more open about therapy, to support trauma and issues in regards to identity. Due to my mixed heritage background, and my ability to empathise and relate to a wide range of individuals and cultural backgrounds, I felt a calling to further my training in Dance Movement Psychotherapy and to open doors for others to discover dance as a mode for healing.

I have experienced personally how movement can be the first step to self-expression, communication and body awareness, and how this can lead to the releasing and reforming of patterns in the body that no longer serve us. This gives space for new behaviours to evolve, and I aspire to support others, who may be in search of a way to authentically express their thoughts, emotions and experiences, and make positive changes to their lives.

I have a passion for learning, and a commitment to help further the powerful impact that dance can have on individuals, groups and the wider community, and to guide others through their own unique discoveries of the powerful, healing nature of Dance and Movement.

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